Friday, September 10, 2010


"Don't watch it!" Everyone was heard quoting this sentence after coming out of the theater. Read further if you still think this movie is watchable. 
Abhinav Singh Kashyap has spoiled the name of his brother Anurag Kashyap. Salman Khan had raised the bar with his 'Wanted' but thwarted this time. Arbaaz Khan should finally retire and settle with his wife. Theater owners should stop buying these kind of movies which might force the viewers for a suicide attempt. The views may be harsh but Dabangg deserves it. 

Last year, Salman had struck the right chord with his 'Wanted'. He dreamed of repeating the success this year but failed miserably. Critics who have been giving this movie rave reviews should be slaughtered. There is absolutely nothing enjoyable in this movie. NOTHING! 

The story goes like this, a police officer who is self-proclaimed Robin Hood is crime hater. He can't withstand anything going wrong in his area. He likes to work alone. He calls the force after he completes all his job and gives them a speech which literally kills you every time. He is an expert in killing criminals while dancing on moronic tunes and showing incredible stunts which don't even exist in the world of Hollywood. He has a step brother who, like all the movies, is worthless. He has step father who doesn't like him and a 'Maa' who is the only one to love him. There is a villain(who actually is a wannabe hero) whose sole task is to get rid of Robin Hood. There is one super gorgeous heroine who had waited all her life only for Robin Hood to come and propose her and there are extras too who have only two jobs, either praise Robin Hood or die while fighting against him. In the end Robin Hood successfully completes all his jobs.

Salman has pledged while shooting for the movie that he shall try his best to aggravate the audience with his dialogue delivery, dance moves and action stunts. Salman, please don't attempt these tasks again. Arbaaz Khan has been slammed in the past, is being slammed for this movie, and shall be slammed forever(if he never stops acting in the movies). Sonu Sood as the villain is good. His scenes are what you call 'passable'. D├ębutante Sonakshi Sinha is gaudy, ravishing and gorgeous. Yeah, her acting was also good. Om Puri, Mahesh Manjerekar and Anupam Kher are wasted. Vinod Khanna did justice to his role. Dimple Kapadia failed to do the role of 'Maa'. 

Direction is vile, poor and feeble. Abhinav Kashyap should go and take direction classes first instead of copying from everywhere. Cinematography is good. Action sequences have been copied from The Matrix, Sherlock Holmes, Never Back Down and a few others. Dialogues are funny in some scenes but mostly they test your patience. Music has become popular because of weird lyrics and dance moves but it is not good. 

To conclude, I would just say, don't watch this movie, no matter how many good reviews you read. Albeit I know my opinions also don't matter much. 

My Rating: 2/10( one point for Sonu Sood and one point for Sonakshi Sinha) 

PS: If you complete watching this movie without banging your head, time for you to consult psychiatrist.

Thanks & Regards