Monday, February 21, 2011

7 Khoon Maaf:FAQ

We’re back! And we warmly welcome all of you on our show. After The Blue Umbrella, Vishal Bhardwaj again collaborated with Ace Short Story Writer Ruskin Bond this time and came up with Saat Khoon Maaf based on Suzanna’s Seven husbands. We don’t know about you all, but Lebnox, being our favorite is again here to review the movie.

“Err… You Okay Lebnox?”

“How do I look like?”

“You look kinda scared!”

“Kinda? How do you expect a guy who vowed to dream-marry Priyanka Chopra, look normal after he saw her marrying multiple times and murdering all her husbands the same time?

“Err… You sure you’ll be able to sit for the interview today?”

Pay me anytime to squabble about movies and I’m game!” He winked. Giving Devilish expressions. This time, we were kinda scared.

Q.1) Okay Let’s begin, describe the movie in one word.
Lebnox: (After thinking for a long time) Dark! (We could only hope that he was just thinking and nothing else).

Q.2) Does that mean good or bad?
Lebnox: Depends on one’s perception about the word ‘dark’. (He is still scared we guess.)

Q.3) How was Priyanka?Lebnox: (Now smiling) She was good. I mean, she has proved from time to time, that she is quite versatile. This time, she had to portray the character of a woman who longs for true love. And all she gets with her husband is insult, stress and torture. She, after much introspection, decides to kill him. Remember, she hadn't got her true love. Now, she meets another guy whom she finds attractive and perfect in first meeting and eventually they marry and again she discovers some dark and hideous secrets about her second. She tries not to give up this time and works hard to improve her husband’s condition. She fails. She kills. This cycle goes on and on and on. She ultimately becomes a psycho. This really tough role to play and she performed maturely and marvelously. Full marks to her. (The excitement in his tone was comprehensible).

Q.4) And how were others?
Lebnox: Neil Nitin Mukesh, like I always say, is growing with every movie and this one was not an exception. John Abraham actually looked like a rock star in his character. Irrfan Khan was good. Not very good I mean. Aleksandr Dyachenko was a big surprise as he played his character with a natural flair. Naseruddin Shah was superb. There were two exceptional performances. Anu Kapoor and Vivaan Shah. Anu Kapoor’s acting experience was visible as he was an absolute delight. Vivaan Shah having no acting experience and despite getting the main lead inthis big movie, was unperturbed about having big actors along with. You’re gonna love his innocence and performance. I guarantee. Usha Uthup was terrific and Ruskin Bond in his cameo was amusing.

Q.5) What about Vishal Bhardwaj?
Lebnox: Some were disappointed with him after Kaminey. I wasn’t. Some again will be disappointed after Saat Khoon Maaf. I’m not. I was happy with Kaminey. I’m happy with this one.

Q.6) What would you say about the music and cinematography?
Lebnox: Since when did you start asking this question? (Winked) The song ‘Darling’ was obviously awesome. Another song ‘Oh Mama’ was irritating and others were simply ignorable. Cinematography was brilliant. Priyanka’s expressions have been captured wonderfully. The sets and the colors used in the movie were super apt. And yes, the make up artist did an outstanding job. Simply outstanding!

Q.7) You seem to be normal now.
Lebnox: Is it a question? If yes, how am I supposed to answer it? (He passed an evil grin. We were embarrassed.)

Q.8) I did not mean that. Okay.So the movie is a hit?
Lebnox: Not super hit. But yeah it’ll do good. Certainly. Moreover, I want it to do good. Priyanka effect you know. But the review is not biased. Certainly not.

Q.9) I guess we might have to use much of our brain during the movie. Am I right?
Lebnox: (Chuckles)Why are you afraid that you might have to use your brain before watching any movie? It is not portable that you have to think twice before taking it along with you to the theater. Is it? (Winked) (He was sounding a little rude. We thought. But then we’ll pass. It’s cuz of him this show is hit. Isn’t it) No offense man, I was kidding, what will I be without your show? (Smiles. Everywhere) You don’t have to you use it. At least not until the last scene. The last scene was actually something!

Q.11) What will be the best part about Saat Khoon Maaf?
Lebnox: The interval message. Ha-ha! And yeah, of course Priyanka Chopra and Vivaan Shah. Count Anu Kapoor too.

Q.12) Final Verdict?
Lebnox: Many, may find this movie, tedious, boring, irritating, dark, disturbing or even disappointing. Actually not many, a few. But it is good. Believe me. If you do make sure that you’ll definitely try to understand Suzanna’s point of view. You’ll be satisfied with it.

And he left. May be he rushed back home to watch a comedy. He was acting weird today. May be cuz he couldn’t handle Priyanka marrying multiple husbands and ultimately murdering all of them. Such filmy man he is. And yes, he rated the movie 3.5 out of 5.