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Hello Guys! Did you miss us? Yes, we missed you all too. After skipping a sling of Hollywood hits and a Salman Starrer, our man has chosen Shaitan to review this week. He seemed excited yesterday before the movie and now let’s see what effect movie had on him today. Please welcome, LEBNOX!

Hello Lebnox, you look stoned! Are you high?”

“High on Shaitan, I guess.”

“So that means you’re not gonna smoke or drink now?”

“I don’t smoke. I don’t drink. So that question is baseless.”

“Oh, oh. So let’s begin the interview. Shall we?”

“Umm…Yeah. Let’s do it.”

Q.1) The classic: Describe the movie in one word.
Lebnox: Insane!

Q.2) No, no. I asked about the movie.
Lebnox: I was not talking about you. (We know that was a good try, but we couldn’t beat him in his own game.)

Q.3) Okay okay. I should rather ask about performances.
Lebnox: Okay. Yeah, go ahead.

Q.4) I just d…. Okay, how were the performances? (He really had gone insane after watching the movie, we assumed.)

Lebnox: Everybody who acted in the movie was awesome. I mean I can’t pick out just one favorite from all those. Rajeev Khandelwaal, as Inspector Mathur, keeps on improving. He plays a frustrated cop who doesn’t hesitate in taking risks and is not afraid of anything. Gulshan Devaiya as Karan, aka KC, plays a spoilt brat who has a knack of doing shocking things out of anger or craziness and believes the base of every friendship is trust. Shiv Pandit as Dushyant, aka Dash, is more of serious guy who, after attaining the peak of insanity can do anything, and also is the brain behind every plan. Neil Bhoopalam as Zubin, aka Parsi, plays a guy who tries to stay away from most hideous activities, but sometimes plays along just for the sake of friendship. Kirti Kulhari as Tanya, plays an aspiring actress who is in love with Karan but never admits that and is an important part of their group. Kalki Koechlin as Amrita, aka Amy, plays a girl who is undergoing a mental trauma for the last 12 years, and is new to the group. She starts enjoying their company and eventually everybody gets into trouble. Supporting cast includes Nikhil Chinappa, Pawan Malhotra, Rajat Kapoor and Raj Kumar Yadav. Everybody did a fantastic job and it would be unfair to pick out one.

Q.5) Quite a speech that was, calm down, you surely are high today.
Lebnox: Don't call me the next time if this review doesn’t gather maximum views. Okay, do call me after giving me a warning. And I’m not high.

Q.6) How was the direction?
Lebnox: The thing which I liked the most about Bejoy Nambiar is that he is not afraid of attempting something as bizarre and disturbing as Shaitan. I mean, how many movies have you seen which show a bunch of 20 something guys going crazy and landing up in trouble? Very few, I would assume. But Shaitan is quite different from those, sure it has similarities with Anurag Kashyap’s Paanch but still, it is original and insane and disturbing and shows reality. The way story proceeds is thrilling and you’re eager to know what is gonna happen next. Sometimes you guess right and sometimes Bejoy surprises you. His direction was a pleasure to watch except, the scenes which were supposed to be disturbing, were actually disturbing. Bejoy has a special talent, that was visible, but a few scenes in the movie which seemed like a repetition of earlier portions, snatch away the brownie points he deserves. But I really don’t care. He has a long way to go, and I’m sure he’ll get better with his second script.

Q.7) How about the technical aspects?
Lebnox: See all the movies which are made under Anurag Kashyap productions have terrific cinematography. The camera work is always unique and is thrilling. One feels amazed in some of the scenes. Music is addicting. Really. There are a number of composers who have composed songs for the movie and all of them have done an outstanding job. The songs, slowly, grow on you. Editing, in first half is razor sharp, and in second half, a few scenes become repetitive.

Q.8) What’s the story is all about?
Lebnox: Friendship, trauma, dysfunctional family, drugs, sex, love, money, heavy metal music, booze and impulsiveness. Any of these things has a big effect on an individual. What would happen if all these things have a combined effect on you? What activities would you indulge in? What measures would you take if you land up in trouble? What would you do if your inner devil takes over your soul?

Q.9) And?
Lebnox: And you’ve two ways of knowing the answers to these questions. Either try doing these things or watch Shaitan. Or if you don’t want to know the answers and you feel you’re better off not knowing, not delving, don’t watch it.

Q.10) So the movie is a hit?
Lebnox: If by hit you mean recovering expenses and earning profit, yes it will be hit.

Q.11) So that means everybody should watch it?
Lebnox: Yes of course everybody should watch it. But if you can’t handle disturbing scenes and can’t watch the ‘future’ of our country going crazy, DO NOT watch it.

Q.12) Final Verdict?
Lebnox: Movie is awesome. I had expectations and it fulfilled them all. But it is certainly not for everyone. Some scenes are so disturbing that you may close your eyes and feel genuinely sorry for the characters. That was much needed though; I mean that’s what I think. Such extraordinary situations were necessary to make the youth realize that if they try to be smart by doing things they’re not supposed to do, they end up in a shitload of trouble. Worse case, they might end their life. And, there were a few glitches that one might question, like some said the movie ends in a whimper. I replied, just thank god you’re not doing those things so you’re not sure what the person becomes and how/she reacts in those situations.

Q.13) You sure you’re not high, right?
Lebnox: Ha-ha. Why are you always afraid of my mood? Even if I’m high, I just gave you an awesome review. What more do you need? (Narcissist, we thought, but then who cares. He is actually awesome.) (And yes, he laughed. Finally.)

With this we end our interview right here. Lebnox said he needed a sound sleep so he rushed out. After a disturbing movie and interview, he atleast deserves a sound sleep. Doesn’t he?

Ragini MMS

Hello friends, how are you all? Hope you’re enjoying this cricket season. And we’re glad that you always care to take your time out for our little but accurate and enjoyable review show. We’re back with Ekta Kapoor’s Ragini MMS. The movie has been in news for obvious and for some unobvious reasons as we all know. And our man of the show is here to review it. Please welcome, LEBNOX!

“Hey Lebnox, What’s up? How are you?”

“…Man, all those who say horror movies don’t scare them, LIE!”

“So did it scare you? I mean you’re that much scared?”

“Nay man, I always come under exceptions as you all know. I never lie.”

“ So let’s begin the interview. Shall we?”

“Of course, what are you waiting for? Another MMS?” There it was. Finally. The classic Lebnoxical wink. He is the man.

Q.1) Describe the movie in one word.
Lebnox: Enjoyable.

Q.2) Enjoyable? This is supposed to be a horror film.
Lebnox: So? Can’t one enjoy horror movies?

Q.3) Yeah. Okay. My bad. So did it scare you?
Lebnox: You asked those questions which you’ve learnt by heart. Don’t you? I think you’ve asked the question earlier and the answer was in negative. But yes, it has potential to scare some. To a great extent. But not to everybody. ( He always does this. Answering our question in way to embarrass us. Damn!) 

Q.4) Okay. Okay. Let’s talk about the performances.
Lebnox: Oh boy! Raj Kumar Yadav is a tremendous actor. I’ve become his fan now. He makes the film enjoyable. His dialogue delivery, comic timing, facial expressions, and everything were just perfect. Yes. PERFECT! He makes you laugh. He scares you. He makes you fall in love with his performance. Kainaz Motivala, on the other hand, is a real charmer. You instantly fall in love with her innocence. The last thirty minutes of the movie, where you expect an out of the box climax, she does the entire job. But easily, Raj Kumar Yadav scores much higher than her.

Q.5) Let’s come to…. Hey what are you thinking?
Lebnox: Ah, nothing. Raj Kumar Yadav is a daring man. In LSD, he was the one who filmed the sex tape and sold it. Now he is back to repeat history in Ragini MMS. He is a rascal but I’m his fan now. And oi, Kainaz looks awesome. Epitome of awesomeness, I meant.

Q.6) Is the movie rip off of Paranormal Activity?
Lebnox: I don’t think so. A few scenes may have been borrowed from Paranormal Activity. The truth is, if you like the movie, you won’t care if it’s a scene by scene rip off. But if it is bad, you’d want to curse everybody associated with that movie.

Q.7) How’s the direction?
Lebnox: Umm… Not very good. Could’ve been better. Debutante Director Pawan Kripalani tries his best to scare you off but only manages to do that in a very few scenes. One thing he has done well is that he made his actors act terrifically.

Q.8) And what’s the story?
Lebnox:  Well, you know it all. And moreover, what story do you expect in a horror movie? Every time in a particular house there always lived a woman who was killed and now she haunts everyone coming in that house. Same is in this movie.

Q.9) It is being labeled as scariest date movie ever. How correct is that statement?
Lebnox: Not really. One expects a lot before going to the theater. The ghost doesn’t scare much. The sound effect does the entire job of earning your full attention, making you grab your friend’s arm or whatever. After you come out the theater, you feel movie should have been more scary.

Q.10) What about the real time shoot?
Lebnox: In LSD more real time shooting was present. Here it is used in the beginning and in the end. Rest all is normal shoot. But yeah, camera angles used in the movie are super apt.

Q.11) So the movie is a hit?
Lebnox: Ekta Kapoor has made sure it turns out to be a hit. So yeah, it shall recover its expenses with ease and collect good money at the box office.

Q.12) Are you sure you didn’t get scared?
Lebnox: Do I look like I’m scared? It’s just that, I’m thinking about Raj Kumar. He always makes sex tapes, yaar! (He was smiling in a little weird manner. Had gone mad, we thought)

Q.13) Final Verdict?
Lebnox: Look, the first half had everything. From sex quotient to comic scenes to scary scenes to Raj Kumar. Second half the story went haywire. Some got irritated, some got scared and some got bored. So it’s not like a single man’s opinion is entitled for all. You may come under any of the three categories. And also, the movie is made only for youngsters, and they might enjoy the MMS scene of the movie. (There was a possibility of him laughing boisterously. We’re gald he didn’t do it.)

And he left for his home. Clearly, he was smitten by Kainaz Motiwala’s beauty and innocence and had become a fan of Raj Kumar. We suggest, if you really want to get scared and enjoy the movie, go for it. If you’re skeptic whether to go or not, take a pass.                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dum Maaro Dum

Hello guys, how are you all? Did you miss us and our reviews? Say yes. Even if you don’t, just say yes. We’ll feel good. After a long, long time our favorite movie reviewer visited theater to watch the movie and is back today with the review of Dum Maaro Dumand also to increase the dwindling TRP. Please welcome, LEBNOX!

It’s good to see you again, Lebnox. How are you?

I’m good and am here to take care of your TRPs. By the way, how could you expect good TRPs during all these cups and leagues?” He passed his characteristic diabolical smile.

I hate these matches as much as I love them. People tend to ignore my show during these tournaments.

“Just thank god that you’re living in a normal world.” That smile got wider. And before we could comprehend the actual meaning of that line, he was ready for the interview.

Q. 1) Okay. I’ll start with the classic question. How will you define the movie in one word?
Lebnox:  Stylish!

Q.2) That doesn’t sound good. I mean generally stylish movies haven’t done well in the past.
Lebnox: What’s up with you? You asked one word, and I said stylish. What does it have to do with history and doing well? (His constant smile was making us nervous.)

Q.3) Nothing.Nothing. So let’s talk about the performances.
Lebnox: I don’t know why Bipasha opted for this film. There was nothing for her to perform. All she did in the movie was to take drugs, sleep with a few actors and cry. She has been wasted. Prateik Babbar has performed better in the past so I would say an okay kinda performance. His expressions throughout the movie were terrific though. And, I had forgotten everything about Adtiya Pancholi completely until I saw him acting in this movie. He was decent. His dialogue delivery was pleasantly delightful. Rana Daggubati was expression less throughout the movie. No matter what happens he stays blank. Even in his scenes where he is all singing and doing the rockstar thing, he is pokerfaced. The only man who actually performed, acted, made me smile, and sometimes irritated too, was Abhishek Bachchan. You’ll see one of his better performances in recent times in this movie. His dialogue delivery was top-notch. His expressions were stupendous and his action scenes were convincing.

Q.4) And how was Rohan Sippy?
Lebnox: I liked his different way of direction. He handled the story well. Although he seemed to be hugely inspired by the legendary Tarantino and the master of crime, Scrosese but I don’t see any reason of stealing away his credits. There is no harm in getting inspired as long as you keep projecting your own style in it. Rohani Sippy did well. His direction was fresh and fine. You don’t get bored.

Q.5) How about the story? Did it thrill you?
Lebnox: Storyline is another weak point of the movie. The movie begins with the story of Pratiek, then it drifts quickly to Abhishek Bachchan and then to Rana Daggubati and all. It all happens so quickly that you’re unable to attach yourself to any story. Writers are to be blamed. The climax was supposed to be shocking and thrilling but it confuses some, disappoints some and some find it unconvincing. Dialogues are worth applauds in some scenes and hair-pulling-hormone-generating in some scenes.

Q.6) So what did you find stylish in the movie?
Lebnox: A lot of things. The best was the cinematography. The camera work is so unique and surprisingly incredible that you just can’t help but give *WHOA* expressions. The usage of vibrant colors. There are a lot of rich colors used in the movie but they are so appropriately used that they don’t do any damage to your eye, rather you enjoy them. The music. I don’t know if Pritam is accused later for plagiarism of the songs he composed for the movie, but I liked all the songs except the stupid rap by Abhishek Bachchan and the irritating title track. I’m sure everybody likes them too. So, the overall look of the film is stylish and you will be amazed by it.

Q.7) I had thought after the gap of two months you might have lost your magical touch. I was wrong!
Lebnox: India’s win has improved my talent of crackling snappy repartees. But you still are the same.(We still wonder what he actually meant by that.)

Q.8) What's the movie about? The story, I mean.
Lebnox: The movie is based on a threesome of violence, drugs and sex in Goa. An ACP is handed over the clean-up job after the limits have been crossed. The ACP itself has a dark past. His wife had died due to his corruption and to recover from all this he takes over the job of making Goa a better place. The Drug lord isn’t happy with him and he summons the ultimate kingpin, whom no one has ever seen and has never ever been caught, to take care of ACP. A DJ who had been watching silently all the while, when his loved ones deserted him and got addicted, finally gets a wakeup call when his innocent best friend gets caught while doing an illegal thing in order to get back to his love. All these stories are connected and the climax is supposed to be shocking.

Q.9) So the movie is a hit?
Lebnox: You could’ve saved much of energy if you could’ve consulted Google. I always tell you to do so.

Q.10) Excuse me?
Lebnox: Err…Umm.. I mean the movie will do a decent job and shall recover its expences with ease.

Q.11) It’s my turn to ask, what’s up with you?
Lebnox: Nothing. You always have an option to edit this interview, but you choose to go uncensored. Such a TRP addict person you are. (We really had nothing to say after this statement.)

Q.12) Final Verdict?
Lebnox: The weak points of the movie are the storyline and some performances. Positive points are Cinematography, style, freshness, music and Abhishek Bachchan. So you when you have positive points in the majority side, you should give it a try.

He got up and was ready to go.

Q.13? Err.. Won’t you rate the movie?
Lebnox: You know what, I am just an ordinary guy with extra ordinary wits but I have no right to give marks to the movie. Simple numbers assigned to the movies by many others sometimes sabotage the reputation of the movie and not many realize while doing so that how much time, energy, brain and hard work is spent in making it. I’ve said all what I think about the movie and let people decide whether they want to see it or not. Moreover, I’m popular for being different. Ain’t I? (And there came the classicLebnoxical wink.)

And he left. We think he was absolutely right about the rating system. We ask ourselves what is 5 in the rating system? There was no answer. If anybody from your side comes up with a valid answer, he'll get to feature in our next movie review. So we conclude this interview right here and hope you enjoyed the show after such a long time.

Monday, February 21, 2011

7 Khoon Maaf:FAQ

We’re back! And we warmly welcome all of you on our show. After The Blue Umbrella, Vishal Bhardwaj again collaborated with Ace Short Story Writer Ruskin Bond this time and came up with Saat Khoon Maaf based on Suzanna’s Seven husbands. We don’t know about you all, but Lebnox, being our favorite is again here to review the movie.

“Err… You Okay Lebnox?”

“How do I look like?”

“You look kinda scared!”

“Kinda? How do you expect a guy who vowed to dream-marry Priyanka Chopra, look normal after he saw her marrying multiple times and murdering all her husbands the same time?

“Err… You sure you’ll be able to sit for the interview today?”

Pay me anytime to squabble about movies and I’m game!” He winked. Giving Devilish expressions. This time, we were kinda scared.

Q.1) Okay Let’s begin, describe the movie in one word.
Lebnox: (After thinking for a long time) Dark! (We could only hope that he was just thinking and nothing else).

Q.2) Does that mean good or bad?
Lebnox: Depends on one’s perception about the word ‘dark’. (He is still scared we guess.)

Q.3) How was Priyanka?Lebnox: (Now smiling) She was good. I mean, she has proved from time to time, that she is quite versatile. This time, she had to portray the character of a woman who longs for true love. And all she gets with her husband is insult, stress and torture. She, after much introspection, decides to kill him. Remember, she hadn't got her true love. Now, she meets another guy whom she finds attractive and perfect in first meeting and eventually they marry and again she discovers some dark and hideous secrets about her second. She tries not to give up this time and works hard to improve her husband’s condition. She fails. She kills. This cycle goes on and on and on. She ultimately becomes a psycho. This really tough role to play and she performed maturely and marvelously. Full marks to her. (The excitement in his tone was comprehensible).

Q.4) And how were others?
Lebnox: Neil Nitin Mukesh, like I always say, is growing with every movie and this one was not an exception. John Abraham actually looked like a rock star in his character. Irrfan Khan was good. Not very good I mean. Aleksandr Dyachenko was a big surprise as he played his character with a natural flair. Naseruddin Shah was superb. There were two exceptional performances. Anu Kapoor and Vivaan Shah. Anu Kapoor’s acting experience was visible as he was an absolute delight. Vivaan Shah having no acting experience and despite getting the main lead inthis big movie, was unperturbed about having big actors along with. You’re gonna love his innocence and performance. I guarantee. Usha Uthup was terrific and Ruskin Bond in his cameo was amusing.

Q.5) What about Vishal Bhardwaj?
Lebnox: Some were disappointed with him after Kaminey. I wasn’t. Some again will be disappointed after Saat Khoon Maaf. I’m not. I was happy with Kaminey. I’m happy with this one.

Q.6) What would you say about the music and cinematography?
Lebnox: Since when did you start asking this question? (Winked) The song ‘Darling’ was obviously awesome. Another song ‘Oh Mama’ was irritating and others were simply ignorable. Cinematography was brilliant. Priyanka’s expressions have been captured wonderfully. The sets and the colors used in the movie were super apt. And yes, the make up artist did an outstanding job. Simply outstanding!

Q.7) You seem to be normal now.
Lebnox: Is it a question? If yes, how am I supposed to answer it? (He passed an evil grin. We were embarrassed.)

Q.8) I did not mean that. Okay.So the movie is a hit?
Lebnox: Not super hit. But yeah it’ll do good. Certainly. Moreover, I want it to do good. Priyanka effect you know. But the review is not biased. Certainly not.

Q.9) I guess we might have to use much of our brain during the movie. Am I right?
Lebnox: (Chuckles)Why are you afraid that you might have to use your brain before watching any movie? It is not portable that you have to think twice before taking it along with you to the theater. Is it? (Winked) (He was sounding a little rude. We thought. But then we’ll pass. It’s cuz of him this show is hit. Isn’t it) No offense man, I was kidding, what will I be without your show? (Smiles. Everywhere) You don’t have to you use it. At least not until the last scene. The last scene was actually something!

Q.11) What will be the best part about Saat Khoon Maaf?
Lebnox: The interval message. Ha-ha! And yeah, of course Priyanka Chopra and Vivaan Shah. Count Anu Kapoor too.

Q.12) Final Verdict?
Lebnox: Many, may find this movie, tedious, boring, irritating, dark, disturbing or even disappointing. Actually not many, a few. But it is good. Believe me. If you do make sure that you’ll definitely try to understand Suzanna’s point of view. You’ll be satisfied with it.

And he left. May be he rushed back home to watch a comedy. He was acting weird today. May be cuz he couldn’t handle Priyanka marrying multiple husbands and ultimately murdering all of them. Such filmy man he is. And yes, he rated the movie 3.5 out of 5.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Dil To Baccha Hai Ji

Hello there! Welcome to all of you on our show. Your controversial and favorite man is back today for the movie review. We’ll be discussing Madhur Bhandarkar’s release, Dil to Baccha Hai Ji today. Please welcome,Lebnox!

“Welcome back! You look tired.”

It’s all Madhur’s fault.”  He sighed.

“Ready for another session?”

“Why wouldn’t I be? Moreover, I’ve got to buy medicines from the money you’ll be paying me today. I’m having a bad headache!” He winked. Finally. We smiled.

Q.1) Describe the movie in one word.
Lebnox: I don’t know. Waste? Bad? Soporific? Quote whichever adjective you like the most.

Q.2) Whoa! Why such strong reaction?
Lebnox: Cuz Dil to Baccha hai ji. (We thought his senses were damaged.)

Q.3) Err… Okay. You in a mood for the review or not?
Lebnox: Just finish this interview ASAP and let me go.

Q.4) We’ll make it quick. What about the performances?
Lebnox: Ajay Devgn was average. His comic timings were good at times. Omi Vaidya was a torture. I couldn’t stand his presence on the screen. Emraan Hashmi was excellent in the first half, but deteriorated in the second. Shazahn Padamsee was good but irritated with her dialogue delivery in a few scenes. Shruti Hasan still needs acting lessons. Shraddha Das is a novice. Tisca Chopra was first rate.

Q.5) Madhur Bhandarkar has attempted comedy this time. What would you like to say about it?
Lebnox: About whom? The director or the movie? (Really, he wasn’t in his regular moods today.)

Q.6) Director.
Lebnox: I think he should leave this genre for others. He is better in making those socially motivating, hard hitting movies.

Q.7) Kindly expand your view on the movie.
Lebnox: It’s like, you order a South Indian dish at a North Indian restaurant and you’re skeptic about how would it be like. You finally get it and you start eating it. Initially, a few pieces of the dish taste fine but after eating for some time, you start feeling irritated and pray for the dish to finish soon. (He’s hungry, we think so.)

Q.8) Okay. We got it. Did the movie bring smiles on your face?
Lebnox: It did. I mean it made me laugh at times. But, the overall effect of the movie was terrible. A few scenes were surely comic. They can make anyone laugh. But, most of the times, the movie was boring. Very boring. I fell asleep. Twice.

Q.9) For how long?
Lebnox: Don’t worry. For a few seconds. I watched  the full movie and I know the whole story. (We were wrong! He is in his full senses. Really!)

Q.10) Any positive thing about the movie?
Lebnox: Emraan Hashmi’s performance and Ajay Devgn’s expressions. And you can count the chemistry between the three guys in this list as well.

Q.11)  Should we ask about the storyline or ….?
Lebnox: Predictable. Three guys try to find love at wrong places. It’s basically about unrequited love, heartbreaks, and renewed hopes. Some of you may relate to some of the incidences shown in the movie. I did not.

Q.12) Hit or flop?
Lebnox: Can’t say. I guess average. Neither flop nor hit.

Q.13) Final Verdict?
Lebnox: Please save your time and money by skipping this one. Unless you don’t really have anything to do. Are badi bekaar movie hai yaar! And you people don’t dare twist my ratings anymore. I’m going with 1.5 out of 5. Do not change it. (He really wants to leave now.)

Like you read, he did not really leave for us anything to say. Nor, he said anything in private for us to quote.  So irritated he was! We’d pray for Indian Comedy movies to improve.  

Friday, January 21, 2011

Dhobhi Ghat

Hello again to all of you and welcome to our show. It’s been a long time since he first appeared on our show. Not that we had differences but he chose not to go public for a while. But, his hiatus has ended and he is ready again. He will be reviewing this Friday’s new release, Dhobhi Ghat. Please Welcome, Lebnox!
“Hello Lebnox! How have you been?”

“Like always, fantastic!” He smiled. We smiled!

“So shall we begin?”

“Nay! Bad idea. We’ll do it tomorrow.” He winked. We smiled.

Q.1) Describe the movie in one word.
Lebnox: Different!

Q.2) Call it Aamir Khan effect?
Lebnox: May be. May be not!

Q.3)  How different was it?
Lebnox: Very!

Q.4) And why such short answers?
Lebnox: Call it the Aamir Khan effect!

Q.5) Word on the performances?
Lebnox: The ladies are the real stars in the movie. Monica Dogra is perfect. Almost. She does a super fine job of a girl who has just come back from abroad to India to earn and learn. Expressions are perfect. Completely. Kriti Malhotra plays the small town girl, who has come to Mumbai for a living, with natural flair. She shows the gradually grown melancholy exceptionally well. Talking about the men, Prateik can rest now. I’m sure he finally has a future. Bright one! On the other hand, the person who let me down was the very person for whom everybody would love to watch this movie. Aamir Khan.  Sure his expressions and body language are strong along with his character. But somehow he does not fit in the movie. All the time you get a feeling he has been a miscast.

Q.6) So I guess that Aamir Khan effect has faded away?
Lebnox: (Laughs. Half-heartedly. Probably still not out of the movie shell.)

Q.7) So Aamir Khan has a cameo in it?
Lebnox: Who said that? I mean everybody did. Sure he has lesser dialogues than any of the lead characters in the movie but he is on screen most of the time. I guess, some would be happy after watching the movie and some would be not. Like me.

Q.8) Define different.
Lebnox: Poetic. Artistic. Documentary-ish. And different. (Smiles again.) I mean the handheld camera work with unsteady movements project the authenticity for sure but the technique used in story writing was unsatisfactory. It’s more of a documentary types. And slow. For sure. 95 minutes(without interval) seems like ages. Editing is razor sharp but shaky.

Q.9) How’s Kiran Rao?
Lebnox: Adventurous. Intelligent. And also has the support from a man named Aamir Khan. She sure has got brains, has a different thought process but needs help. Serious one. She needs to be reminded that the idea behind the publicity and film making should be same and not deceptive. A film which has Aamir Khan has to be either very thought provoking or very entertaining. Alas! The film fails to do neither.

Q.10) You’re so against the movie!
Lebnox: See, people will watch the movie for sure since they have seen such interesting promos and they know Aamir Khan’s name has been associated with it. I know they’re expecting something really out of the box so there should be someone who needs to be authentic. I did not say it’s a really bad movie. Right from the beginning I’ve been saying it’s innovative and different.

Q.11) What’s the storyline?
Lebnox: Try Google. You’ll get to know more accurate things. (Winks.) (Though we did not literally try Google. We just quoted him.)

Q.12) So the movie will be a hit?
Lebnox: I’m sure only about just one thing. It’ll not be a hit. Certainly.

Q.13) Final verdict?
Lebnox: For entertainment or emotional stimulation look elsewhere. There’s every reason you can miss this one. Unless you like to believe you’re among the intelligentsia.

And he rushed out. Important man. At least he believes himself to be. He texted us that he wanted to give the movie 3 stars out of 5. But based on the above interview I think we should go with 2.5. He also added a postscript stating everybody should go to the movie with a watch in case anybody feels the itch of checking the time. Such diplomatic man he is!