Saturday, October 23, 2010

Jhootha Hi Sahi

Every Bollywood movie before its release, assures us that it would be different. Almost every movie assures you this. Most of them disappoint. We all know this fact. It took me a while to muster courage for making up my mind to watch Jhoota Hi Sahi. Why this movie? Well, I generally do not follow Bollywood now, but the treatment looked fresh in the trailers. Tell you what? It turned out good but as usual left me with a few disappointments.

A geeky shy man, who stammers on seeing beautiful women, has his number misprinted on a helpline pamphlet which helps people not to give up with their life and start a fresh life. Hence, humor arises and you get a laugh. His neighbor, who also is his best friend with a pregnant sister, with another friend, is his life. The shy man also has a girlfriend whom he doesn’t love and she dominates him like anything. The twist comes when a caller, after breaking up with her boyfriend, calls him during midnight before attempting suicide, and he makes her feel better so she decides to talk to him daily and share everything. One event leads to another, and he starts lying to her about his personality.   

Special note for the writer of the film, who also happens to be the female lead in the same, her treatment of the story is completely fresh. A few of the dialogues and scenes are super hilarious. But, the story, from the first scene to the last, is a complete cliché.

The Star Cast:  John Abraham as the geeky shy man comes as a complete surprise. He acts well, manages to raise your eye brows many a times with his performance in the film. Pakhi, who also is successfully married to the director of the movie, as the caller acts like a pro. She expresses her emotions marvelously. Raghu Ram, as John’s neighbor is fantastic. He has mastered the art of making people laugh with his expressions and comic timing like anything. R. Madhvan as Pakhi’s ex is strictly OK!

The movie in parts is a complete bore but Abbas Tyrewala has handled the predictable yet fresh script superbly. His direction style is little unconventional. Mind the word little. But, he again couldn’t prevent himself from putting an ridiculous stunt scene in the end like he did in his directional debut Jaane Tu.. The cinematography is terrific. Music by A. R. Rahman is good. The supporting actors have done a brilliant job.

To conclude, I would just say, go for it for the performances and a few original and fresh scenes.

My Rating: 6/10

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  1. i saw it today only...yes i do agree with you the whole atmosphere it gave me was fresh and endearing, it worked for me in chunks